Who are We, What Will You Find Here

Hello! Studying on tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting makes us really happy; applying such techniques within our own experiments in real life makes us even more excited!

We have started writing on about tissue engineering articles but then we broadened our perspective what will make us happy to write and share related to science.

Anadolu Uni Winter Card (2)
This blog founded at April of 2020 in Anadolu University/Turkey

We are 2 people for now;

Yiğit studied on the development of novel biomaterials and the design and printing of a novel product which can be used for 3D bioprinting applications for the regeneration of damaged tissues on peripheral neural system. He continues his PhD studies in the Netherlands, in Biomedical Engineering Department at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). He is using a 3D bioprinter again but because there are unpublished studies about his research, it would not be the wisest thing to share the project’s details at the moment 🙂

Georgiy is about to finish his bachelor’s studies in Turkey, in Chemistry Department at Eskişehir Technical University at the very moment when these sentences have written. He thinks he is not very familiar writing as a science communicator but he also believes himself in sharing his experience and knowledge by the help of his more experienced colleauges and network. He is using a 3D bioprinter with an aim of the development and the production of an artificial tissue which not only for scientific experiments but also can be used as a regeneration assisting unit without inducing any immunogenic activity for bone tissue engineering studies.

Special thanks;
There is a reason this blog’s name is 52 Week.

When it was only an idea in mind, very dear Uğur Güçarslan and his very lovely blog fareliköyünhayalcisi was one of the ignitions. Uğur’s project, #weeklyblogproject, was used as the main motivator for the foundation of this blog.

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